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Since more than 40 years the JET-Group develops, produces and distributes light domes and continuous rooflights. During this time the company, its number of employees and its know-how have grown constantly. In the meantime the JET-Group employs 650 people at the headquarters in Hüllhorst, in Kirchzarten, Nuremberg, Voerde and Berlin, as well as at the foreign locations in Poland, England, Denmark, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

In Germany and the Netherlands the JET-Group belongs to the nationwide market leaders, but also in the other European markets the name JET grows continuously. Especially in the East European markets come up more and more representative industrial and commercial buildings with a high demand of daylight solutions. 

Since more than 40 years we invest in people and technology – at our location in East Westphalia, nationwide and beyond that.

The company was originally founded as JET Kunststofftechnik Ulrich Kreft GmbH by Ulrich Kreft in Bad Oeynhausen (Germany)
GRP moulded components, initial manufacture of light domes
12 employees
Development of own SHEV systems for light domes (Firejet)
Relocation to Tengern (Germany)
Approval from the German Insurance Association (VdS) as an installer of SHEV systems
Merchandising of own continuous rooflight system VARIO-NORM
Plant extension of 2.200 square meters
Approval for SHEV system according DIN 18232
Sale of JET Kunststofftechnik to Yule Catto plc.
Acquisition of Berlin-based RAWA GmbH as the first regional JET-distribution company
Acquisition of Nuremberg-based SM Lichtkuppelzentrum GmbH as the second regional JET-distribution company
Acquisition of Kirchzarten-based Steinbrecher GmbH as the third regional JET-distribution company
Sale of JET Kunststofftechnik by Yule Catto plc. to CRH plc.
JET Schaumstoff Formteile GmbH is founded as a spin-off of JET Kunststofftechnik
JET Kunststofftechnik changes its name to JET Tageslicht & RWA GmbH
Incorporation of Brakel Aero GmbH into the JET-Group
Production extended by 3.000 square metres to a total of 18,000 square meters
Incorporation of GRESCHALUX GmbH into the JET-Group
Foundation of a distribution subsidiary in Poland (JET Polska)
470 employees
The JET-Group celebrates the 40th anniversary of its founding. The JET-Group receives the BGHW safety prize awarded by the German institution for statutory accident insurance and prevention for the trade and distribution sectors, for its innovative JET-SAFETY-SET
‘H2 Equity Partners’ takes over the JET-Group from CRH
Amalgamation with Dutch-British Plastic-Rooflight-Group (BIK, Vaculux, Cox)
JET-Group absorbs Danish Multi-Lite A/S
JET-Group founds subsidiary in Switzerland
JET-Group operates internationally under the common branding JET
‘EGERIA’ takes over the JET-Group from ‘H2 Equity Partners’
JET-Group absorbs Danish Domex Ovenlys A/S
JET-Group absorbs British Xtralite (Rooflights) Ltd
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