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JET-composite profiles for energy efficiency with system
NEW Variant with hail protection glazing available 

Energy efficient due to

JET-composite profiles:
in basic profile and flap frame as combination of:

  • rigid PVC-multi-chamber insulation structure inside
  • aluminium covering profile for design and protection outside (patent applied)
  • continuous rooflight and rooflight flaps are without thermal bridges

JET-basement coonection profile:

  • rigid-PVC-multi-chamber insulation profile for basement head
  • system connection for perfect roof sealings

Application of heat insulated glazing:

  • PC 16 mm 7-shelled (Ug-value of the glazing: 1,8 W/m²K)
  • PC 10 mm + 10 mm (Ug-value of the glazing: 1,5 W/m²K)

Application of hail protection glazing: 

  • PC 16 mm 7-shelled + 4 mm air + PC 3 mm (Ug-value of the glazing: 1,53 W/m²K), 
    hail resistance class of the glazing: HW5

System accessories:*

  • full flap and double flap
  • SHEV-device: JET-VARIO-FIREJET® 165 J as CO2- and electrical SHEV system
  • SHEV-device: JET-VARIO-THERM DK 95° as CO2- and electrical SHEV system
  • electrical drive for daily ventilation 
Safety due to


  • system proofed according ETA 010 for continuous rooflight construction 
  • statical calculation according Eurocode (DIN EN 1991-1-3 and 1991-1-4)
  • EG-certificate of conformity for the SHEV flaps JET-VARIO-FIREJET® 165 J and JET-VARIO-THERM DK 95°
  • complementary system accessories with shadowing system JET-VARIO-PROTECT, JET-fall through protection, JET-single fixing device (BG-approval for all components)
Product advantages

JET-composite profiles:

  • innovative combination of materials for function and design

JET-energy efficiency equipment:

  • thermal decoupling and heat insulation of the eave area
  • thermal decoupling and heat insulation of the basement head
  • allows a total heat transmission (Uw-value) of 1,2 W/m²K

    *version as SHEV unit upon request
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